The Natural Park

The idea of creating this park was born a few decades ago, and now it has become a reality.
The opening of Galeano Park took place on June 23th, 2006.
It is not just a new resort for tourists which integrates a farmhouse and a farm: it is the first step of a larger project generated by our passionate will and efforts to revive, preserve and pass on those moral and material values of our folk wisdom, to which we belong.
The Park itself is a meeting point for urban and local rural cultures.


1 - Park Visiting Centre
   - Park Farmhouse (Accomodation and Refreshment at the “Stagnatella”)
   - Farm Shop (selling the products of Recchi's Farm), which is affiliated with "La Spesa sull'Aia"
   - Multipurpose hall
2 - Farm (from breeding to salami production, etc.)
3 - Faunal Oasis, which will host various species including fallow deers, goatlings and roes.
4  - Pens for sow breeding, during their pregnancy and lactation periods.
5 - Pens for boar breeding
6 - Cultivation of cereals as fodder for our animals.
7 - Paths accessible on foot or by bike, suitable for children too.
     These paths are ideal for those who love life in the open air, nature and countryside watching, meditation and exercise.
8 - Pond
9 - The Galeano ditch after which the park is named

Chose languages
  • Italian
  • Inglese (UK)
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